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In the UK, Sony was accused of “predatory” policy

Sky News reports that the consumer rights advocate Alex Neil sued for Sony. Class action lawsuit on behalf of millions of users PlayStation supported Woodsfordspecializing in such litigation.

The plaintiff is demanding 5 billion pounds from the company, or approximately 352 billion rubles at the current exchange rate. According to Neil, over the past six years, the PlayStation Store has had a “predatory” commission of 30%, which caused about nine million people to overpay after buying goods in the digital store. If the claim is satisfied, each of them will receive from 67 to 562 pounds.

Neil believes that Sony is abusing its position in the market and imposing unfair conditions on developers by inflating the price of games. The plaintiff does not explain how the company should solve the problem: reduce the service fee or remove it altogether.

Representatives of Sony have not yet commented on the situation.

It is worth noting that Microsoft and Nintendo also take 30% of the revenue from game sales from publishers. it’s a long-established standard on consoles. Moreover, it is valid not only in digital stores. However, other platform holders do not appear in the lawsuit, since the PlayStation fan is interested in Sony.

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