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In which area of ​​Vladivostok is it better to buy real estate

Vladivostok is a Russian city located on the Pacific coast. Despite the distance from Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are advantages here, for example, close proximity to North Korea and China. That is why a huge number of Russian residents dream of moving to the Far East, because there are many prospects for self-realization and business development. If you are also planning to buy real estate in Vladivostok, apartments for sale There are in different price ranges. A lot will depend on where you live. We have compiled our top 3 districts of Vladivostok, in which we recommend considering housing for moving to permanent residence.

Pervorechensky district

This is the most elite and comfortable area of ​​Vladivostok. It is very often chosen by families with small children, because there are 23 schools (including 1 private and 2 gymnasiums), 1 lyceum, 48 kindergartens and 4 universities. We also want to note that within walking distance there will be any social infrastructure facilities that you may need in everyday life. Well, one cannot fail to mention the incredibly beautiful and picturesque views that open from most of the apartments in the Pervorechensky district. The ecological situation here is excellent, and we have no questions about transport accessibility.

Sovietsky district

We give it a well-deserved second place, since in front of you is the youngest district of Vladivostok, which has already managed to become the largest. The medical infrastructure is very well developed here, as it is a sanatorium-resort area. People who plan to rent it out to vacationers often buy real estate in the Sovietsky District. The local real estate market presents a fairly diverse selection of offers from developers in terms of floors and layout of houses. The only negative is literally the invasion of seasonal tourists. But for some, this is a minus, but for some, the prospects in terms of renting an apartment.

Leninsky district

It is distinguished by the most convenient transport interchange in the whole of Vladivostok. It is from the Leninsky district that a number of the most popular destinations for visiting the most famous sights of the city start. There are 2 hospitals and 20 schools here, so you won’t have to travel to the other end of Vladivostok for education and health services. New buildings are being built here with an already improved layout, which is very popular with single young people and families with children.

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