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Insiders told why EVGA left NVIDIA

If you follow the computer components market, you know that EVGA has recently stopped working with NVIDIA and will no longer produce graphics cards from this company. This surprised many people, since for EVGA 80% of the profit came from the sale of NVIDIA video cards, so it’s strange that the manufacturer just took it so easily and refused to cooperate. Unfortunately, there are no specific reasons on the Internet from official sources – the manufacturer simply stated that he would no longer produce video cards, and that’s it. But users quickly got hold of supposedly secret information that might surprise you. And here it is worth immediately clarifying that this is information at the level of rumors and insider data, but by no means official.

Insiders say that before the release of RTX 40, partner manufacturers at NVIDIA were forced to sell their RTX 30 series graphics cards below the retail price. Relatively speaking, EVGA produced the RTX 3080 graphics card and planned to sell it for $699, but then NVIDIA called and was told to drop the price to $499. Due to this, NVIDIA wanted to free up warehouses before the release of a new generation of video cards, but for a partner company this is a huge blow to the budget, since the video card would have to be sold almost at cost. And, apparently, this upset EVGA so much that the company decided to stop working with NVIDIA altogether. It doesn’t sound very plausible, but it’s the best version so far.

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