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Intel Arc A770 overclocked to 2.7 GHz

Some time ago, representatives of Intel officially showed slides with the characteristics of their discrete video cards, including the top model Intel Arc A770. At that time, users expressed disappointment that the GPU clock speed of the flagship video card is only 2100 MHz, which is quite low for such a solution with such an architecture. But if you have already been upset by this issue, then you should calm down – the manufacturer initially supplies graphics chips in stock, that is, without overclocking from the factory, and the user may well overclock the video card on his own. For example, a user who got access to an Intel Arc A770 video card said that he could easily raise the frequency of the graphics core to 2700 MHz.

At this frequency, he calmly played Hitman 3, moreover, without crashes and problems with graphics, and the temperature remained at 80 degrees all the time the video card was running. Probably, it can easily raise the frequency up to 3000 MHz on this model, which will be just a fantastic result, but this requires more advanced cooling. Perhaps if partner companies can release more expensive versions with better cooling, then it will be possible to achieve a frequency increase of 50% without difficulty – this is just crazy by the standards of the modern market. For example, even 15-20% on NVIDIA video cards seems like an incredible achievement, but here the potential for overclocking is simply huge and it is worth paying attention to.

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