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Intel Arc Alchemist A380 gets driver update

PC Games Hardware Newsletter tested several games on the Intel Arc Alchemist A380 graphics card, the only Arc graphics card currently available for desktop PCs, and found that it worked reasonably well for most gamers. The website did the testing not to compare with other graphics cards, but to demonstrate how well the Intel Arc drivers perform in a list of 50 games (old and modern). While Intel has been hard at work tuning the performance of its Arc GPUs in modern APIs such as DX12 and Vulkan, older games using the DX11, DX12 and OpenGL APIs still haven’t received much support. And for good reason.

Intel has only recently entered the graphics card category, where the likes of NVIDIA and AMD have been in the market for years. Intel has worked tirelessly to optimize and fix any inconsistencies and bugs in previously released games over the past few decades. Lisa Pierce, vice president and general manager of the visual computing group at Intel, confirmed that Intel is working on “arc GPU performance optimizations” for APIs for DirectX 9 and 11. DirectX 11 and 12 are similar, but the new API offers additional features, optimizations and fixes that were not in previous versions. Over a week ago, Intel released a new driver that fixed many of the compatibility inconsistencies in their graphics cards so that older games would end up running reasonably well.

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