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Intel Core i5-13400 showed up in the benchmark

Today, benchmarks of the Intel Core i5-13400 processor have appeared on the network, thanks to which you can roughly understand what features the new generation processor will have. The fact is that this is indeed a 13th generation chip, but only it is a representative of the budget segment and no one really expects breakthrough performance from it in the same video games or software. But the manufacturer, apparently, decided otherwise, since the benchmark claimed 10 cores with 16 data processing threads. This is enough to run any modern games and get enough performance from the video card in literally any usage scenarios. And given that this is a budget processor, such characteristics look more than attractive.

In total, the Core i5-13400 will have 6 productive cores that are responsible for tasks with especially voracious software or video games, plus there are 4 energy-efficient cores that also do a good job, but in cases where the user just needs to work in the browser, for example. Due to the correct distribution of tasks, this processor with a new architecture allows you to get a lot of pleasure from games or from work, while it will have an extremely attractive price, which is also important. The only question is when the processor will go on sale and at what final cost. Yes, and motherboards, of course, I would also like to see for this segment of processors.

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