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Intel integrates blocks for AI into Meteor Lake processors

At Computex 2023, Intel officially announced new details about its advanced AI-centric VPU component, which will debut in Meteor Lake chips. Representatives of the company spoke in some detail about the process of creating an ecosystem based on artificial intelligence for the upcoming Meteor Lake chips. For example, Intel plans to release Meteor Lake processors and use a mixed chiplet design (which is what AMD uses) using Intel and TSMC technologies in one package. The new generation of processors is slated for release this year, the chips will first appear in laptops, with a focus on energy efficiency and performance in local workloads with AI, after which new items will also appear on desktop computers.

It’s worth noting that Apple and AMD have already moved ahead with powerful AI accelerators built right into their processors, and Microsoft has been busy expanding the capabilities of Windows with specialized AI-based processors. Accordingly, Intel decided to keep up and integrated modules for working with AI into future processors. In addition, Intel has introduced several new renders of Meteor Lake chips – these “gems” will be the first models using the Intel 4 process and several chiplets made on TSMC’s N5 and N6 processes. This will likely have a positive effect on the performance and energy efficiency of new products.

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