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Intel Processor N200 ready for release next month

Last week, we told the rather sad news that Intel decided to abandon the Celeron and Pentium processor lines, as they have become obsolete and for some reason it is rather unprofitable to produce them. At the same time, the company, of course, will not abandon the available processors, just now they will be called differently in order to better sell entry-level computers. And today, the first data appeared on the network that Intel’s basic processors are already ready for release in the 13th generation of processors. They will be called Intel Processor N200 and Intel Processor N100, so the manufacturer simply removed the well-known naming lines from the name, which over the years of existence have simply become synonymous with too weak solutions.

Now, when the names are changed, it will be easier for the manufacturer to advertise laptops based on these processors and the chips themselves, plus there will be an additional opportunity to separate the Core line from really budget solutions. At the same time, nothing has changed in terms of performance or capabilities of the so-called Intel Processor N200 – this is the same processor as it was before the name change. Let’s hope that Intel has some more tricks up its sleeve, because so far a name change without fundamental changes in architecture, price or performance seems like a ridiculous decision against the backdrop of a competitor in the face of AMD, which provides more cores and threads for the same money. . We will monitor the situation with these processors and tell you all the details.

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