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Intel Raptor Lake processors appear in Canadian stores

Following the leak of the full lineup, online retailers have begun listing upcoming 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors, including the Core i9-13900K, Core i7-13700K, and Core i5-13600K, along with their preview prices. The 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake processors will use a hybrid core design with a combination of performance-optimized “P” cores and efficiency-optimized “E” cores. For new chips, Intel will be using a brand new P-Core core known as Raptor Cove, which will replace the Golden Cove cores introduced in Alder Lake processors. For E-Core, Intel will retain the existing Gracemont core architecture but with minor improvements.

So, in terms of pricing, the Intel Core i9-13900K(F) is listed for 940 and 900 CAD respectively. The Intel Core i7-13700K(F) retails for $662 and $625 respectively. Finally, the Core i5-13600K retails for CA$460. This is an average price increase of 17% over 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake processors, but it should be noted that these prices are still preliminary and we more or less expect MSRP or final prices to remain the same. like existing models. Of course, this is the price in Canadian dollars, but in reality the exchange rate is not much different. And most importantly, the price has increased by 17% compared to the previous generation – this is exactly what insiders promised in fact.

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