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iOS 15 officially hacked

Many users believe that jailbreak on the iPhone has long been abandoned, since there is practically no information about this method of hacking a smartphone on the network, but in fact this is not at all the case. Recently, Fugu15 Jailbreak has been reported to allow jailbreaking iOS 15 and gain access to many different features. But the main of these features, of course, is the ability to install various software for free – if you need video games, for example, but do not want to buy them for impressive money, then you can download the installation file and install it for free. Naturally, this is illegal, and in some countries it is even punishable by a real term, but in most countries no one looks after this format of piracy.

In addition, in certain situations, Fugu15 Jailbreak is the only way to install the application – in certain situations, if a particular software is banned in a country or region, it will not be allowed to install it from the official store. When a device is hacked, of course, there are no such restrictions, so the user gets unlimited access to various kinds of software. The question, of course, is the warranty repair after these manipulations, plus finding a smartphone on iOS 15 is now extremely problematic. But, on the other hand, if someone is doing this, then, probably, there is also consumer demand. Many users from all over the world want to get access to free software by any means, and they are quite understandable – some games cost crazy money.

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