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iOS 16.2 found support for 5G, but only in India

Despite the fact that fifth-generation cellular technologies are actively developing and literally every smartphone on the market already supports 5G, in fact, only a few markets in the world have actually implemented this technology. This is due to the fact that the cost of equipment and its support for working with a fifth generation cellular network costs impressive money, so users would have to pay quite a lot for Internet at such a speed. In the US, 5G support is implemented, but not in all tariffs, and now iOS 16.2 firmware has found data that iPhones in India will work on a fifth-generation cellular network in the very near future. Considering that India is far from the richest country, it sounds a little strange, but on the other hand, the audience there is large.

Accordingly, it is enough for a mobile operator to implement 5G support in some tariffs that are in demand among the audience, and due to the huge domestic market, the cost of the new technology can be offset. Unfortunately, there is still no information about 5G support in other countries, although in Russia the technology is also being actively tested and theoretically should provide users with high-quality Internet without barriers. On the other hand, Russia already has one of the best cellular Internet in the world, and even the cheapest. In the same USA, you would have to pay twenty times more for a similar quality of connection and traffic, especially in the central states of America.

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