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iPhone 15 will support two wireless charging at once

Smartphones iPhone 15 and Pro-version, of course, will be very different from each other in many ways, but insiders are sure that the gadgets will receive one thing in common – all smartphones of the new line will support two wireless charging standards at once. According to the latest report from classified information vendors, the new line will be compatible with Qi2 and MagSafe chargers. Accordingly, thanks to the support of Qi2 and MagSafe, users of the upcoming Apple flagship will be able to take advantage of both standards and charge their devices as quickly as possible. Since the Qi2 standard is based on MagSafe technology, this means that any charger that is not MagSafe certified will still be able to provide maximum charging speeds.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for consumers is that the Qi2 standard doesn’t require the use of Apple’s expensive MagSafe module, which means that alternatives from various manufacturers can hit the market without customers having to pay extra for such accessories. The wholesale price of each MagSafe module is around $16, according to MacRumors, while the Qi2 module is reportedly worth a third of that amount. This should result in significant savings for manufacturers and buyers, plus you get support for maximum charging power with the iPhone 15 when using any of the wireless charging formats.

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