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James Cameron Starts Writing Script for New Terminator Movie

Director James Cameron told during a speech at Dell Technologies World 2023 that he began to write a new film about Terminators.

The creator of the first two (and most successful) parts of the franchise told those present at the event that he began work on the script for the new “Terminator” three months ago, however, wants to see how artificial intelligence will develop in the real world before finishing the story.

Despite the failuredark fate“, late last year, Cameron mentioned that talks about the next film were already underway, and he himself would like the new story to focus more on artificial intelligence, rather than killer robots.

Wherein Arnold Schwarzeneggerwho played the Terminator in five of the six installments in the franchise, recently revealed that will not return to this rolebut at the same time expressed confidence that the series still has a chance for the future. According to him, for this you need to move away from the old topic and come up with a new good script..

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