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Jenna Ortega to star with Martin Freeman

Jenna Ortegafamous for slashers “Nanny. Queen of the Damned“, “H” and “Scream 5“, got a role in the movie”Miller Girl“(Miller’s Girl) from Debut Director Jade Halley Bartlettalso serving as screenwriter. 19-year-old actress on the set will keep company Martin Freemanknown to a wide range of viewers on the series “sherlock“and trilogy”hobbit“.

At the moment, there are practically no details of the plot of the film. The story will reportedly center on a teacher and a student given a creative writing assignment that leads to complex outcomes.

Filming is currently taking place in Georgia.

Recall that this fall on streaming Netflix Series is expected to premiereWednesday” from Tim Burtonand the image of the daughter from the Addams family will be embodied by Jenna Ortega.

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