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John Wick 5 Officially Announced – The Franchise Will Also Develop Into AAA Video Game Format

action movie”John Wick 5has officially entered production. The chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group announced this during the earnings report for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023. Joe Drake.

There are no details about the fifth “John Wick” yet, as the film is in the early stages of development. It is also not specified whether the authors are planning a return. Keanu Reeves or are they going to go the other way, given the ending of the fourth part.

In addition, Drake once again hinted at the development big budget game based on “John Wick”, stating that the company intends to continue to support the franchise at a “sustainable pace” and engage in its development, including “in the format of AAA-class video games”. Former Lionsgate management expressed interest in the emergence of such a project and even put forward their proposals to some developers.

“Now we are moving this franchise not only into AAA video game format, but also looking into the regular cycle of spin-off releases. TV is really helping to expand this universe, which keeps it on a steady pace.” [развития]as long as the audience shows a clear interest in it,” said Joe Drake.

The franchise will receive a three-episode prequel this SeptemberContinentalfor streaming service Peacocktelling about the adventures young Winston Scotta June 7, 2024 spin-off starts on the screens “Ballerina” with Anay de Armas starring.

“John Wick 4” opened in theaters on March 13 and became the highest-grossing entry in the series, with worldwide grosses of over $428 million. The film was released digitally earlier this week.

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