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Katsuhiro Harada revealed the details of Tekken 8 – a new fighting game is being created from scratch on the Unreal Engine 5

Fighting game production Tekken 8 from company Bandai Namco driven by engine Unreal Engine 5 developers pay special attention to technical quality, implementing a lot of bright visual effects that will help the project show a significant leap in terms of graphical shell in the background Tekken 7. The creator of the franchise spoke about this Katsuhiro Harada.

According to the Japanese game designer, for Tekken 8, the authors decided to update almost all aspects of the visual presentation as much as possible. the old character models went to rest, and the artists began to implement new iterations of already well-known fighters.

In addition, Tekken 8 will pay a lot of attention to various dynamic effects, such as the deformation of clothes, the display of sweat drops and wet fabrics. All this is done in order to visually enrich the characters during battles. after completing the next round, players will see the results of the battle literally in the appearance of the rivals themselves.

In a conversation with journalists, Harada also briefly touched on the plot context. According to the producer, Tekken 8 will be a direct continuation of the story canon of the old games and will further develop previously established narrative conflicts. In turn, the project logo, made in the form of a figure eight stylized as a chain link, also has a certain symbolic meaning. Jin Kazama faces new trials, during which he will have to accept his demonic essence and get out of its control, breaking the vicious chain of his troubled dynasty.

Harada declined to answer the question of whether Tekken 8 would appear in Japanese arcade halls before or after the console release, but stressed that it was the first time in the history of the series that the developers were announcing a console release before the arcade one.

He also expressed interest in adding guest characters to Tekken 8 after release. The corresponding experience of Tekken 7 is positively evaluated by the developer.

Tekken 8 was announced at the September presentation of the PlayStation Showcase. The project has no release date yet.

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