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Kingston Releases AMD EXPO Certified DDR5 FURY Beast Memory

Kingston Technology Corporation, a leader in computer storage and memory systems, announces the addition of AMD EXPO certification for the FURY Beast DDR5 memory series. The company is committed to offering gamers, enthusiasts, and businesses the most up-to-date memory options. New AMD EXPO certification improves new overclocking specifications for memory modules and kits and fully supports the next generation AMD AM5 platform. The recent AMD-certified Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory also allows for up to two factory-configured profiles and one custom profile.

Certified by leading motherboard manufacturers, the Kingston FURY Beast line delivers incredible speeds up to 6000MT/s with an amazing low profile heatsink configuration. With AMD’s Extended Overclocking Profile (EXPO), anyone can be confident that their choice of Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 modules and kits are exactly what they need for their AMD AM5 system for maximum overclocking while maintaining stability. The memory is actually quite high quality, earlier the manufacturer had no problems with marriage and other negative points, so for users who are going to build a computer on the latest AMD platform, this is the best solution at the moment. The only question is the cost, which has not yet been reported, but this, again, is a matter of time – you need to wait a month.

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