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Konami Renews Suikoden Trademark Ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2022

At the beginning of summer Konami rebranded the RPG series Suikoden. The application was submitted in June, but the information began to be actively discussed only this week after the Japanese company announced plans announce new game at Tokyo Game Showassociated with the classic franchise.

Usually the submission of such an application is not a sign of the development of the project, however, the upcoming Konami event will be attended by a voice actor Yuuji Kajiwho gave voice to Joey in Suikoden 2 and Suikoden zodiac.

“Voice actor Yuji Kaji has been invited as a guest to introduce fans to the newest Konami game from the world-favorite series,” the Tokyo Game Show said in a statement.

The rise of Suikoden began in 1995 with the release of the first game on the PlayStation in Japan. Later, the project visited American and European players, and in 1998 a release for the Sega Saturn took place. The latest installment in the main series was released in 2006.

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