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Logitech introduced the gaming mouse G502 X

Logitech has updated its iconic G502 gaming mouse with lighter materials and new features while maintaining its design. The new line is called the G502 X and comes in a wired version, a basic wireless version, and another wired version with RGB lighting. Logitech used a thin-walled exoskeleton and a lighter scroll wheel to reduce the weight of the wired mouse to just 89 grams. The gadget also used an updated version of its own Lightspeed wireless protocol to ensure its wireless versions are 68 percent faster than the previous generation. All three versions use Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switch technology, which (as Logitech explains) combines the crisp tactile clicks of mechanical switches with ultra-low latency and the high performance of optical switches.

They also use the Logitech Hero 25K gaming sensor, the company’s most advanced mouse sensor, for maximum speed and accuracy. In addition, the mice are equipped with a DPI switch button that allows you to program the mouse to run faster or slower. The wireless Plus G502 X variant has all the features offered by the other models, but also features a smooth 8-LED lighting strip that you can customize with effects and personalization using the G Hub software.

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