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Logitech presented MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2

Today, Logitech, known to many for its high quality computer peripherals, has officially launched the MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2, which consists of a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is worth noting here that although the name contains the word business, in fact this is a fairly simple but modest kit for working with a computer. Yes, the manufacturer uses high-quality materials, but this does not mean at all that such products will be available only to the corporate sector. I would also like to say that if the user decides that he does not need the whole kit, then it will not be difficult to assemble the components separately. In fact, the keyboard and mouse from this kit are sold separately.

For example, the kit includes an MX Master 3S for Business mouse – yes, you most likely won’t be able to find a specific model from sellers, but there will be no problems finding the MX Master 3S, and in terms of characteristics, these are absolutely identical devices. And with the keyboard, the situation is almost the same, since the company now has a lot of different devices on sale in the same design and with the same characteristics. But it’s a good idea to buy a set in the same style and color if that matters to you, plus there’s a chance the set will be cheaper than buying a keyboard and mouse with similar specs separately. But there are no questions about product quality – in this regard, Logitech has always pleased us.

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