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LOST ARK received an update “Unity esdo”

On Russian servers LOST ARK there was an update”Unity esdo“, which added a new type of esdo weapon enhancement to the game, a continuation of the Maharaka summer festival, an exciting event “mococo harvest“, new valuable rewards and much more. The trailer is below.

  • “Unity esdo” system. With the release of the update, heroes will be able to make their weapons even more powerful. To do this, players have to go through a series of difficult tests and unravel the mystery of the blueprints of the creator of weapons for esdo. After completing tasks and pumping weapons up to level 6, it will be possible to bind a particle of the power of one of the esdos to the equipment.
  • Maharaka Summer Festival. A colorful event opens its new season. As part of the festival, users will be able to take part in activities “mococo harvest“, where the developers will allow you to earn silver and gold coins. Moreover, a set of new hairstyles and items for a personal estate will appear in the game, and the rewards calendar has been updated in LOST ARK, offering users twice as many prizes.

Read more about the update on the official website of the game.

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