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Mark Ruffalo spoke about recasts for the role of the Hulk

In one of the recent episodes of the series “She-Hulk Lawyer“The audience drew attention to the joke said by Bruce Banner: “Now I’m a completely different person. Literally.” Mark Ruffalo’s character’s line is a reference to the recast of Edward Norton, who originally played the role of the green superhero in the movie “The incredible Hulk“2008.

Mark Ruffalo himself spoke on this topic in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He thinks that the Hulk has become a cult character, and it’s very cool that different actors can play him. each one brings something of their own.

“I’ve joked about this before, calling the Hulk the ‘Hamlet of our generation’. Everyone wants to play him, and there will probably be other performers of this role in the future. People will remember:” Do you remember when the Hulk looked like Mark Ruffalo ? Now he looks like Timothée Chalamet.”

She-Hulk Lawyer is coming to Disney+. The role of Bruce Banner’s cousin in the series was played by actress Tatiana Maslany.

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