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Meizu 18s Pro smartphone set to $120

Meizu launched the sale of flagship smartphones, which will last until August 18. We are talking about last year’s models Meizu 18s and 18s Pro, as well as Meizu 18X. Two younger models have fallen in price by $90, but the price of Meizu 18s Pro has decreased by $120 at once. Now smartphones can be purchased for 275, 400 and 535 dollars, respectively.

Recall that Meizu 18s and 18s Pro are based on last year’s top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus platform, and Meizu 18X is based on a less productive Snapdragon 870 processor. At the same time, Meizu 18s and Meizu 18s Pro are slightly more advanced versions of Meizu 18 and Meizu released even earlier. 18 pro.

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