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Microsoft told Sony how to improve PS Plus to increase competition with Xbox Game Pass

Corporation Microsoft believes that companies Sony strategy needs to be adjusted Game Pass and start releasing big AAA hits from their in-house studios on the service PlayStation Plus right on the day of the premiere. According to the American giant, such a scheme will allow PS Plus to remain a competitive platform and give the team PlayStation confidence.

A recommendation from Xbox’s PlayStation Plus development team was found in Brazilian antitrust filings investigating Microsoft’s merger with publisher Activision Blizzard.

Previously, Sony expressed concerns about the growing popularity of Xbox Game Pass and considered that it would take years to create a competitor to this service..

“Sony could make even better use of the high quality of its games from in-house developers if they were released on PlayStation Plus on launch day. Such a strategy would not only accelerate the growth of the platform, but could also be an effective response to pressure from Game Pass or any other gaming subscription services. In general, this would make the PlayStation Plus subscription an even more attractive offer, including against the background of alternatives from other publishers. And Sony’s own gaming audience would benefit from this, “Microsoft said in a statement.

Recently, Microsoft, in response to Sony’s claims, stated that PlayStation is holding back the development of the Game Pass service by banning developers from releasing their games in this catalog. Evidence was handed over to the antimonopoly authorities.

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