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Mintsifra refused to finance the development of the Russian game engine (Updated)

The Russian game engine development project will not receive funding from the Ministry of Digital Development. According to “Kommersant“, the department refused to allocate money to Rostec for the production of the engine from the Rosinfokominvest fund, citing the lack of such authority and sufficient information from the state corporation to objectively evaluate the proposal. Instead, Rostec was offered to use the grant support mechanism, for example, through the Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies.

Rostec assured that will not close the project, the implementation of which will take up to three years and 6 billion rubleshowever, it is no longer worth counting on the support of the ministry.

According to Kommersant’s sources, at the end of last year, the Ministry of Digital Development began to discuss a number of initiatives related to the support of the Russian gaming industry, but this did not lead to anything. It is noted that the head of the ministry, Maksut Shadayev, does not perceive game development as part of the IT industry, and the department itself is trying to distance itself from proposals for the development of the industry.

———————————————— Update – —————————————————–

In the official Telegram channel of Rostec appeared more precisely with regards to the publication of “Kommersant”.

It is reported that in the appeal to the Ministry of Digital Development, it was not about directly receiving funding from the ministry, but the option of obtaining support from the Russian Foundation for the Development of Information Technologies was discussed, as a result of which the department proposed to work out the issue of allocating a grant from the Fund. At the same time, Rostec is looking for potential private investors.

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