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More than just a Bloodborne clone: ​​New details and gameplay for Lies of P hardcore game about Pinocchio

Developers from Korean studio Round 8 Studios revealed new details of the upcoming action game with role-playing elements Lies of Pcreated with the support of the publisher NEOWIZ. At the exhibition Gamescom 2022 the authors spoke in more detail about the plot and gameplay features of the project.

  • The idea to create a game about Pinocchio was born by the authors for two reasons. Firstly, the original fairy tale is known all over the world, and secondly, her unusual “adult” interpretation could potentially immediately attract a lot of attention to the development.
  • As part of the plot, Pinocchio will be hunted by members of the so-called “Black Brotherhood”, who really do not like liars. You can see them at the end Trailer from Gamescom 2022.
  • The developers believe that Lies of P very different from other games in the genre, including projects from the FromSoftware studio. This effect is achieved at least due to a very large arsenal of weapons players will be able to combine over a hundred unique means of killing. It’s not just a clone of Bloodborne or Dark Souls.
  • Pinocchio’s arm can be modified to fit various attachments that change or add certain gameplay features.
  • In the Lies of P campaign, the hero will sometimes face a bifurcation, tied to the use of lies. Depending on the decisions made, events can begin to develop in a completely unpredictable way for the players.
  • Round 8 Studios are very proud of Lies of P, especially its format. South Korea is known as a country that creates a lot of MMOs, mobile games and applications, so a full-fledged console project is expensive this is an important step for the developers, in which they have invested all their strength and talent.

New gameplay from Gamescom 2022:

Lies of P will be released in 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Subscribers Xbox Game Pass get it in the catalog right at the start.

Read more about the game here.

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