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National Treasure 3 with Nicolas Cage in development

Movie franchise producerNational Treasure” Jerry Bruckheimer announced that a third part of the adventure film is in development. According to the producer, the script for the tape is currently being written, the rough version of which already looks very satisfactory.

Bruckheimer also said that the script will be sent to Nicolas Cage, the lead actor in the previous two films, in the hope that he will agree to sign on to the project. Immediately after this triquel “National Treasure” will be put into production.

“Right now we are working on the script. I hope Nicolas Cage will like it, the script is really good. So, I think we will contact him soon,” said Jerry Bruckheimer.

Recall that Disney+ is also preparing to release in 2023 a spin-off TV series National Treasure, subtitled Edge of History.

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