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NEARITY C30R review. Video bar with auto framing

Modern technologies make it possible to organize work and learning processes for teams, specialists and students at a great distance. The events of the past few years have significantly accelerated and increased the relevance of videoconferencing in various fields. But at the same time, the requirement for the quality of image and sound transmission has also increased. The NEARITY C30R video bar tested today, in turn, solves the problem of organizing group conferences using artificial intelligence technologies such as automatic framing, speaker tracking and focusing on a group of people with a large viewing angle.


The device is packed very solidly – in a cardboard box with a handle for easy carrying. On its side face there is a sticker with general data on the manufacturer. The kit includes a power supply, a power cable with a grounding Euro plug, a USB-C cable, a remote control and documentation.



The video panel is made of rubberized plastic with a soft-touch coating. The build quality and appearance correspond to a premium product.


In the center of the front panel, a lens is displayed, the optical group of which is assembled from glass lenses. This is an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view and an aperture of F / 1.8.


The remaining area of ​​the front panel is occupied by a loudspeaker grill made of dark gray fabric. The volume of the built-in acoustics here is sufficient for free communication in a typical office.


There is a group of five microphones with an effective range of up to 5 meters, providing circular voice capture and artificial intelligence with automatic speaker detection.


On the bottom edge are interface connectors, including a power jack, USB-C and an RJ-45 port. The length of the supplied cables allows you to place the video bar at a distance from the laptop and the outlet.


Initially, a metal leg is fixed on the case, allowing you to install the NEARITY C30R on a flat surface. On its base there are rubber pads that prevent displacement.


Wall mounts or VESA-compatible TVs are available as separate accessories.


There are no control buttons on the case. A compact remote control is used to interact with the video bar. With it, you can manually frame and aim the camera, change the volume level, change operating modes, accept or reject a call, turn images on and off.


The device for operation does not require preliminary configuration and driver installation. Just plug in the power and connect with a USB cable. NEARITY C30R is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google services, Webex, Cisco, Skype for Business, Zoom, OBS, TrueConf and more. The work was checked with systems on Windows and MacOS, no problems were noticed. This design will allow you to install it in the meeting room and any employee with a laptop will be able to start a video conference after connecting the USB cable.


There is also a special utility – Nearity Device Manager, with which you can configure and flash the device. She herself searches and offers a fresh firmware, or you can do the update manually.

The video bar shoots in 4K resolution, providing both high image detail and the ability to crop individual sections. As an example, if there are several speakers in the room, the camera automatically detects them and separates the image, tracking each one in the group individually. Supports automatic framing.

Test video bar NEARITY C30R

The optimal sound capture radius is around 4 meters. At this distance, the camera correctly tracks the speaker and transmits the voice without background noise in the room. For large meeting rooms, up to four Nearity Model A20 Speakerphones can be connected via Ethernet cable.


Gold.  Editor's Choice MegaObzorNEARITY C30R is an effective tool for organizing video calls, video conferences, shooting training videos. When used in a company, it will improve the quality and enhance the convenience of collaborating when employees are located remotely. Easy and quick video bar connection, clear image and sound transmission, full duplex communication, noise reduction, ultra wide angle lens, wall or TV fixable with optional accessory, daisy chain connection with A20 speakers.
NEARITY C30R receives the well-deserved award “Gold. Editor’s Choice”.

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