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Netflix removes LGBT reference from Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

hit crime seriesMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story“made a lot of noise, becoming the object of criticism both among ordinary viewers and relatives of victims of a serial killer, and even some participants film crew.

However, this time the co-author of the series Ryan Murphy threw a stone in the Netflix garden, disapproving of the decision of the streaming service to remove the tag from the description of the show, indicating the presence of LGBT topics in it, which streaming itself emphasized as part of the advertising campaign.

The showrunner spoke about this in an interview with The New York Times, noting that he did not like the removal of the “LGBT” tag from the description, the reason for which was the too gloomy tone of the series and a maniac with a non-traditional sexual orientation.

“My career rule is the more specific you are, the more universal you can become. I don’t think all gay stories have to be happy. There was a moment on Netflix when they removed the LGBT tag from Dahmer and I don’t liked.

When I asked why they did it, they told me that people were upset because the story on the show was not a pleasant one. But it was a story about a gay man and, more importantly, about homosexual victims,” ​​said Ryan Murphy.

To date, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has amassed over 856.2 million hours on Netflix, making it the second most watched English-language series of all time. The only show that ranks above it is the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Thus, the serial killer show broke the viewing records of the series “Bridgerton”, “Ozark”, “Lucifer” and “The Witcher”.

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