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Nightdive Studios talks about the difference between remasters and remakes

The terminology of game re-releases has become much more complicated in recent years. Players argue about what are remasters and what are remakes, while developers are free to choose the appropriate marking for their projects. On this topic in a conversation with a resource VGC representatives of the studio Nightdive Studiosengaged in the revival of the cult System Shock.

“This is a very difficult question. But we have internal terminology. There are projects in the studio’s portfolio that can be described in a variety of words. For example, we worked on the so-called improved editions, where the code of the original game was taken, which was adapted to modern operating systems and supplemented nice innovations, such as support for widescreen resolutions.

We also worked on a re-release of Shadow Man, which, in our opinion, is more like a full-fledged remaster. We not only improved the technical features of the original game and increased the frame rate to 60 frames per second, but also reworked the textures, models and involved the authors of the original project in the development in order to implement things that they did not manage to add to the game at one time.

Of course, there is also System Shock, which acts as a full-fledged remake. This is a completely new game that builds on the original project and tries to match it as much as possible,” said the head of Nightdive Studios.

The System Shock remake does not yet have an exact release date.

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