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Nokia introduced the foldable 2780 Flip

You might think that this is news from 2005, but in fact it is not – Nokia really officially introduced the 2780 Flip smartphone, which is nothing more than a regular clamshell. Yes, and calling this device a smartphone, of course, is not entirely correct, since in fact it is just a mobile phone of a fairly simple format for those who need to call. Yes, there is an opportunity to listen to the radio, there is even a camera and a good display, but the functions of the device are quite limited, which, of course, is understandable. The device was created for emerging markets, where users actively use mobile phones just for calls, to send text messages and stuff like that. That is, they really do not really need the functions of smartphones.

This is especially true for regions where there is simply no normal coverage and access to fast mobile Internet – there no one will pay $ 1,000 for a smartphone, so that later they can simply call from it, because mobile Internet will not give anything more. It is there that no one needs a smartphone, but a mobile phone, quite simple and understandable, will be in demand for adequate money, and this, of course, is a very important point. Let’s hope that the device will also reach us, as we would like to satisfy the requests of local buyers. For example, older people also need a mobile phone, but no one plans to pay for smartphones – it’s expensive and actually not really necessary in most cases.

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