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NVIDIA adds DLSS 3 to three more games

Today, NVIDIA officially announced that it has managed to adapt DLSS 3 for three new video games with the developers, which will significantly increase the number of frames per second on next-generation video cards. And although the games themselves do not carry any interest, the fact that third-generation technology simply cannot be activated at the API level is important – developers need to deeply embed DLSS 3 code into their products in order for the technology to work and give results. At the same time, although the frame rate increases, the upscaling technology actually works far from perfect – often in the case of complex locations or textures, DLSS 3 simply misses, showing frames that should not be in principle.

This is due to the fact that DLSS 3 uses information from the previous frame to increase the frame rate when forming the current frame. It turns out a kind of sequence effect, in which artificial intelligence also predicts which frame will be next in order to draw it relatively speaking in advance. Thanks to the development of pixels in advance, it is possible to increase the frame rate, but if dynamic labels or numbers appear on the screen, then DLSS 3 simply does not understand what to do next. Because of this, in all projects that support this technology, there are graphic artifacts with which developers cannot do anything. And this is extremely sad, since in theory it is DLSS 3 that will sell next-generation video cards to gamers.

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