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NVIDIA Introduces Grace Server Processors

During the Hot Chips 34 event, NVIDIA revealed new details about its Grace processors, Orin SOC chips, and NVLINK. NVIDIA first announced its Grace CPU and related Superchip design at GTC 2022. The Grace CPU is NVIDIA’s first processor based on a custom Arm architecture that will target the server/High-Performance Computing segment. The processor comes in two Superchip configurations: a Grace Superchip module with two Grace processors and a Grace+Hopper superchip with a single Grace processor connected to a Hopper H100 GPU.

As NVIDIA’s first server processor, Grace features 72 Arm v9.0 cores that provide support for SVE2 and various virtualization extensions such as Nested Virtualization and S-EL2. The processor is built on the TSMC 4N process node, an optimized version of the 5nm process node built exclusively for NVIDIA. Grace is designed to be mated, and as such, one of the most important aspects of the design is its C2C (Chip-To-Chip) interconnect. Grace achieves this with NVLINK, which is used to build superchips and eliminates all the bottlenecks associated with a typical multi-socket configuration. The C2C NVLINK interconnect provides 900 GB/s bi-directional throughput (the same throughput as the NVLINK switch between GPUs on Hopper), while the interface operates at a very low power consumption of only 1.3 pJ/bit, which is 5 times more efficient than the PCIe protocol.

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