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Official: EA Motive is developing an Iron Man game

on twitter EA Motives announced about creating a project with Iron Man in the title role. The game is at an early stage of development and is a third-person solo adventure. Release date and platform unknown.

The team is led by Olivier Pruewho previously worked on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy from Eidos Montreal. It includes veterans such as Jan Fraser, Melenne Lumineau and J.F. Poirier.

Development is supervised by Marvel Games. The story will be entirely original, drawing on “the character’s rich history, capturing the complexity, charisma and creative genius of Tony Stark.” The narrative is reported to “allow players to feel what it’s like to be Iron Man.”

The game is currently in pre-production, and as the work progresses, the studio will share new information. EA Motive is known for developing Star Wars: Squadrons and the upcoming remake Dead Spacewhich will be released January 27, 2023.

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