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OKLIK 860S and 865S wireless keyboards introduced

Today, OKLIK officially introduced two wireless keyboards 860S and 865S at once, which are ideal for working at home, in the office or even on trips. It should be noted right away that these models have a classic and very comfortable key layout (there are 114 of them in total), and the keycaps themselves have a fairly low profile at the level of laptop keys, so typing on them is a pleasure, plus the gadget does not make too much noise and will not irritate those who work with you in the same space, for example. However, the manufacturer did not stop at just the case design, because the keyboards are also quite advanced in technical terms, which, of course, cannot but rejoice. For example, gadgets can connect to the source in two ways at once – via a 2.4 GHz radio channel and via Bluetooth.

Due to this, the user gets an extremely versatile solution, because the keyboard can work with both a computer and a laptop, tablet and even a smartphone. Moreover, a small niche is even provided in the keyboard case, which allows you to conveniently install a smartphone or tablet right in front of your eyes without additional stands and other accessories. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped its keyboards with an impressive set of multimedia keys that allow you to control the playback of tracks, for example, in a very simple way. And, of course, the advantage of new products is that they are quite affordable in their segment.

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