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Home ยป On-rails horror from the creators of Until Dawn and a shooter based on Crossfire – new games announced for PlayStation VR2

On-rails horror from the creators of Until Dawn and a shooter based on Crossfire – new games announced for PlayStation VR2

Along with confirmation release dates and prices PlayStation VR2 Sony and its partners have unveiled 11 new games that will be released for the helmet in 2023.

The main announcement was The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR โ€” spin-off horror anthologies from Supermassive Games in the rail shooter genre. In fact, the project is a spiritual successor Until Dawn: Rush of Blood 2016 created by the same team for the first PS VR.

Switchback VR will take players on a “multi-level journey” based on the main The Dark Pictures series, where they will have to survive on a terrifying ghost ship with its distorted visions, face the terrible demonic incarnations of the New England “witches” of the 17th century, fight for their lives with otherworldly vampires trapped under the desert and finally escaping the nightmarish World’s Fair Hotel with a sadistic bloodthirsty serial killer.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will support adaptive controller triggers PS VR2 Sensewhich makes each weapon feel unique, helmet vibration, 3D audio so you can hear demons whispering in your ear, and eye tracking. In the latter case, enemies will only move when you blink..

What else Sony has announced for PS VR2:

Crossfire: Sierra Squad (Studio-developer โ€” Smilegate)

A first-person shooter in which players have to fight against “an endless army of enemies with a high level of artificial intelligence.” There will be over 60 missions in the campaign.

The Light Brigade (Developer Studio – Funktronic Labs)

A roguelike action game filled with “thrilling shooting and dark mysteries”. The action of the project takes place in a world lying in ruins.

Cities VR: Enhanced Edition (Studio-developer – Fast Travel Games)

An improved VR adaptation of the city builder Cities: Skylines, where players “can build and manage the city of their dreams.”

Cosmonious High (Developer Studio – Owlchemy Labs)

Adventure from the authors of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, the main character of which is Prismi, a representative of a rare alien species that can adapt to any situation. Already available on PC and Quest 2.

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue (Developer Studio – tinyBuild Games)

A VR adaptation of the popular horror series that requires the player to break into a neighbor’s house and find out what his sinister neighbor is hiding.

Jurassic World: Aftermath Collection (Studio-developer – Coatsink)

A remastered version of the survival adventure game that combines both parts of the series into one complete collection. The events of the project unfold between the films “Jurassic World” and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom“, where players land on the familiar island of Isla Nublar and become trapped in an abandoned research facility. Available now on Quest.

Pistol Whip (Developer Studio – Cloudhead Games)

An improved version of the rhythm shooter where players engage in gunfights to a killer John Wick and Equilibrium-style action soundtrack. Already available on the first PS VR, PC and Quest.

Zenith: The Last City (Studio-developer – Ramen VR)

A remaster of the “immersive open-world MMO” originally released for the original PS VR and Quest. Owners of the original will be able to upgrade to the improved version for free.

After The Fall (Developer Studio – Vertigo Games)

An intense co-op shooter set in a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles. It will also be possible to fight hordes of mutants and bosses alone.

“Team up with up to 3 other players as you travel from a survivor camp with up to 32 players at a time.”

tentacular (Developer Studio – Firepunchd Games UG)

A port of the octopus physics-based game currently available on PC and Quest 2.

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