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Oppo Reno8 Pro will get Android 13 soon

For quite a long time, Chinese companies lagged behind major players in the smartphone market simply because they could not implement a modern version of the operating system. Most smartphones of this kind were supplied on the Android of the generation before last, and even with rather strange firmware, which had an extremely negative impact on the sale in the end. And, of course, major manufacturers worked to fix this, and eventually came up with a good result. For example, the Oppo Reno8 Pro smartphone, which is clearly not the most recognizable on the market, officially received the Android 13 operating system along with proprietary firmware. True, so far the system is in beta test, but already on the 8th it will go to release in India.

Accordingly, users receive a fairly advanced device that can easily cope with the tasks and at the same time give the user a modern interface, all the functions for protecting personal data and more. An excellent solution in case you do not want to buy a fresh flagship from Samsung or Google, but at the same time you want to get an advanced gadget with a fresh version of the operating system. And the cost of this smartphone, of course, is also lower than that of most top-end smartphones, which opens the door to a practically affordable segment of devices. Let’s hope that the release goes smoothly and there will be an opportunity to get Android 13 not on a thousand-dollar flagship.

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