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“Overly conservative project”: Western critics rated System Shock remake at 74 points out of 100

The first reviews of the remake of the cult first-person adventure game with role-playing elements appeared on the network System Shock. Project from Nightdive Studios is out today PC.

At the time of writing this note, the average rating for the System Shock reissue on review aggregator OpenCritic is 74 points out of 100.

The reviews write that the System Shock remake is a successful, but extremely conservative iteration of the original game. In other words, the specialists from Nightdive Studios did not make any fundamental changes to the overall framework, but only adapted all the technical elements of the gameplay and graphic design to modern standards..

If you like projects like System Shock 2, God Ex and The Fatal Hearththen a new take on the classic System Shock can give you a pleasant experience. If such games seem archaic and unattractive to you, then you are unlikely to like the latest release from Nightdive Studios, reviewers say..

In some reviews, the long-term construction was also scolded for not being the smoothest technical performance. there were errors and bugs in the pre-release build, their developers will have to fix them in future updates.

IGN – 8/10

“The project turned out to be overly conservative, but at its core it managed to remain an inventive and believable remake of the original System Shock. This is the best version of this game, especially if you are just getting to know it for the first time.”

VG24/7 – 4/5

“As a remake, this game improves on every aspect of the original without compromising the original vision and atmosphere, while also simplifying certain elements such as controls and inventory interaction. Looking at the project as a reboot, we have a very confident foundation for future immersive games.” simulators”.

Noisy Pixel – 8.5/10

“System Shock has stood the test of time, which is proved by this remake, which did not make any major changes to the overall core of the game. If you are familiar with the original, then you will have to get used to the updated visual part, but you will have no questions about the gameplay part. The very process of passing is sure to immerse you in the right atmosphere, especially when you realize that you are in the place of a hero fighting against insane artificial intelligence in the aesthetics of science fiction from the 90s. – 7/10

“The world has seen prettier remakes and more original puzzle action. But if you look at the game as a historical relic, you can find a lot of interesting things in it. And playing the new System Shock is much more fun than it might seem from the outside. If you think himself something of a gaming historian, System Shock Remake will definitely be something to see.”

The game is currently only available on PC. Console versions are in development, but there is no information about the timing of their launch.

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