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Overview of SVEN SRP-100. Portable radio with clock and alarm

The focus today will be on the SVEN SRP-100 portable radio receiver with an LED display showing the time. This inexpensive device can be used both in the office on the desktop and on the bedside table in the bedroom.


It belongs to the inexpensive price segment, you can buy it for 1500 rubles.


Everything is packed in a box made of thick cardboard, decorated in a traditional color scheme. The main design features are shown in the form of pictograms.


The kit includes a USB-C cable, user manual and warranty card.



Made in a black plastic case. Base with soft-touch texture, glossy front panel.


On the back, there is a speaker grille, three mechanical control buttons and a USB-C connector. Using the buttons, you can change the time display format: 12/24H. Set an alarm and enable FM band scanning.


Opting for a USB-C connector will simplify the charging process. In addition to the included USB cable, you can use charging from any smartphone.


A compartment with an installed 18650 battery is hidden under the cover. It can be replaced in the future without contacting a service center.


There are rubber feet on the base of the SVEN SRP-100 body to prevent displacement on a flat surface. In the center there is a sticker with technical data and information on the manufacturer.


Most of the area of ​​the front side is occupied by a LED-display with white backlight, the information displayed on it is well readable in the daytime and at night.

Along the edges of the screen are indicators showing the need for charging, PM-interval, two active alarms.


On the upper end there are volume control buttons combined with alarms, radio station switching buttons, as well as a button that changes the screen brightness and stops the active alarm clock.

The radio has a rotatable telescopic antenna. At a time when high reception quality is not required, it will be hidden in the back without detracting from the overall attractiveness.


Let’s consider scenarios available for SVEN SRP-100. First of all, this is the output of the current time in 12- or 24-hour format. Four levels of brightness are set for the displayed information: bright, medium, dark, and off. The second is to use as an alarm clock, you can set two at once. Triggered by a sound notification or turning on the radio.


It receives radio stations in the range from 87.5 to 108 MHz. Initially, you will need to start scanning the band, the found radio stations will be automatically saved. SVEN SRP-100 tests were carried out both in the city and in a country house. The reception is sure.


For playback, he is responsible for a speaker with a diameter of 49 mm. In terms of sound, there is a noticeable accentuation of the high frequencies, the basses are weakly expressed. Extraneous noise and artifacts were not noticed.

Built-in rechargeable battery provides long battery life. During testing for 2 weeks with periodic listening to radio stations, it was not possible to discharge it.


SVEN SRP-100 is a radio receiver with a clock and two alarm clocks. Stylish and bright display, telescopic antenna, replaceable 18650 battery, sleep mode, two alarm modes (sound or radio).

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