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Picture-in-picture mode may appear on PlayStation 5 consoles

PlayStation 5 one of the future updates may get a picture-in-picture display mode.

This is indicated by the registered Sony technology patent Game Console Application With Action Card Strand.

The paper talks about the need for an improved graphical user interface that will improve information sharing and control switching.

The brief description of the patent does not contain references to “picture in picture”, but, judging by the text, it is about this system. According to the idea, the player will be able to keep their eyes on the game and at the same time interact with some of the system’s functions, such as chat, as well as control video and music applications.

However, in the detailed description of the patent, the picture-in-picture system has already been directly mentioned many times and is used to explain some of the images or is given as an example of the intended functionality.

Sony is also currently working on integration into the console system Discord. In addition, the current revision of the PlayStation 5 lineup is rumored to be replaced next year with one new version with a detachable drive.

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