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Pixel 7 Pro proved to be extremely durable

The first Pixel 7 Pro smartphones reached ordinary users, and there were enthusiasts who tested the smartphone for strength. However, it’s worth saying right away that we are talking about a well-known author on YouTube, who in this way tests literally all smartphones and only people with a strong psyche can watch his channel. After testing the Pixel 7 Pro, he stated that the device is durable enough to be used without fear on an ongoing basis, literally every day. Yes, the smartphone survived quite severe tests with a scalpel, it was crushed, twisted, thrown and even heat treated – in the end, the smartphone, of course, died, but the test results are more than pleasant, especially if you are not a very careful user.

It is worth saying that in most situations, such a smartphone, when dropped from a height of human growth, will be damaged so much that it will have to be carried to the service. Yes, you can use the gadget with a broken display, as many do, but this is not very convenient, plus there are questions about banal security – the glass can get into your eye or cut your hands. So such tests, of course, show the durability of the device in laboratory conditions, but this has nothing to do with the real situation – the user who drops this smartphone will be extremely disappointed with the durability of modern devices, that’s a fact. Another thing is that all gadgets are like this now and the Pixel 7 Pro is no exception to the rule.

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