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PlayStation 4 sold twice as well as Xbox One

Sony’s PlayStation 4 outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One by more than double, according to Brazilian court documents. In Brazil, Microsoft is trying to defend its Activision Blizzard deal against the Administrative Council for Economic Protection (CADE), and as part of this ongoing legal battle, court documents have been released containing some interesting facts. Unlike Sony, Microsoft hasn’t been sharing official hardware sales figures for quite some time, but now a new court document appears to reveal what several analysts have been talking about recently: Microsoft’s console has been selling at half the price of Sony’s console since its global launch in 2013.

The court documents were seen by Gameluster and translated by an employee of the publication. “Sony outsold Microsoft in console sales and installed base, past-generation Xbox sales were more than double the competitor,” reads page 18 of the official court document. While exact numbers have not been released, we do know that as of July 2021, Sony has sold over 116 million PlayStation 4 units since its launch in 2013. This means that Microsoft has managed to sell “only” about 58 million Xbox One units. Of course, “more than twice” is a pretty broad concept, but the number is in line with what research firm Ampere Analysis said back in 2020. As of the end of Q2 2020, PS4 (all versions) installed base was 111 million, Xbox One (all versions) 51 million and Nintendo Switch (all versions) 57 million, according to Ampere Analysis.

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