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PlayStation 5 is selling terribly

Sony representatives have officially announced that they have already managed to sell 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles, which, of course, may seem like an impressive result, but in fact it is not. The bottom line is that the manufacturer with the previous generation of consoles easily sold 10-15 million consoles per year, while at the moment the Japanese giant manages to sell only 12.5 million consoles per year. Of course, given the growth of the entertainment market, this is a significant drop, especially considering that the manufacturer spends just crazy money on advertising their device. And the problem with such sales is probably a wild shortage, as the company had to contend with a huge shortage of semiconductors right at the time of the launch of its next generation console.

The manufacturer seems to have solved this problem and in the near future plans to demonstrate an impressive increase in sales due to the fact that it will send a batch of 3 million consoles before the New Year holidays. This will allow users to get their hands on the console they really expect, which has actually been on sale for over two years now. And if then the deficit seemed temporary, now it becomes clear that the company simply cannot meet the needs of users and the deficit will persist for at least a few more years. If you were thinking of buying a console for real money, then, of course, we have terrible news for you – it will take a very long time to wait for normal prices.

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