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Home » ‘PlayStation Showcase upset me’: Jeff Ross says Days Gone 2 could have been released on PlayStation 5 a month ago

‘PlayStation Showcase upset me’: Jeff Ross says Days Gone 2 could have been released on PlayStation 5 a month ago

The presentation that took place on the night of May 24-25 PlayStation Showcase forced the game director Days Gone Jeff Ross reminisce about the failed sequel to the biker zombie action in the open world. Moreover, a former employee of Sony Bend said that with a successful scenario, the second part could be released in April this year on the PlayStation 5.

This would have happened if the team had stood their ground and started development on Days Gone 2 immediately after the release of the original.

“I’m a little frustrated with these PlayStation Showcases because they only remind me that we could have released Days Gone 2 a month ago if we’d just stood our ground,” Ross wrote.

Unfortunately, to date, the likelihood of creating a sequel to Days Gone is scantysays Ross, even if we discard a story with low ratings from the first part, which allegedly disappointed Sony and discouraged her from continuing the franchise.

Too much time has passed since the release of Days Gone, the game designer explained, and over the years over 90 original game developers have left the team.

At the moment, there are practically no people left in Sony Bend who may be interested in Days Gone, so there is no one to fight for it. Ross himself is there too does not work any more, like his colleague John Garvin.

According to Ross, the production of the first part took three years, so the team would have had four years to develop a sequel..

It was previously revealed that Sony Bend is currently working on a new IP game with multiplayer elements. At the same time, a film adaptation of Days Gone is in development, which Ross and Garvin have already walked on the choice of an actor for the main role seemed completely ridiculous to them.

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