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Progress Through Toilet Paper: Our First Impressions of the Victoria III

publishing house Paradox Interactive continues to spud the audience of fans of global strategies. However, the company is also trying to interest less hardcore players. Victory III became another example of a new approach.

Triquel fans have been asking for a long time, but representatives of Paradox Interactive kept trolling, as a result of which Victoria III turned into a meme. So, in 2020, the developers promised to announce the game immediately after they running out of toilet paper. Apparently, the warehouse is empty.

As before, players are invited to take control of one of the countries of the world in the period from 1836 to 1936. The developers introduced almost all the major nations, but made a reservation. The fact is that decentralization was observed in some regions of Africa and Latin America at that period of history, so there were no stable states.

Victoria III offers some flexibility in the passage, allowing you to choose the goals of victory. For example, dominance can be achieved through a developed economy, a strong army or diplomacy.

As part of the presentation, the developers from Paradox Interactive took control of Chile, setting themselves the goal of winning through the creation of an egalitarian society. Considering that the country is run by a military junta, and many industries are not developed, the mission is not an easy one.

An important component of Victoria III is the observance of the interests of various groups of people, and they have leaders who directly influence the ideology. For example, if a military group is headed by a communist, this will have to be taken into account. At the same time, far from all segments of the population will be represented on the menu, because marginalized groups are not taken into account.

In such an environment, you will often have to maneuver in order to fulfill your plan. Do not forget that victory can be achieved through pacifism, which will turn into another test in a country with a large stratum of the military. However, no one canceled the manipulations and the possibility of supporting the opposition.

The development of production is another important element, because everything is built on the relationship. For the manufacture of tools, resources are needed from the market, factories. Prices will change, which affects the profits and wealth of people employed in the industry.

In addition, the work of government agencies directly depends on production. Bureaucrats cannot exist without paper, which is also important to keep in mind.

Mines can be expanded to lower prices, and surplus goods can be exported. At the same time, you will have to choose suitable markets so as not to work at a loss.

Technological development is divided into three branches: ideas, inventions, production. The nuance lies in the fact that the population of the country can learn about discoveries from other countries, as a result of which, over time, developments also become open to you. The penetration of certain ideas can be prevented by censorship.

As noted by the developers, the DNA of a political system is laws. Therefore, in order to dominate, it is necessary to engage in reforms. For example, in Chile there are no schools, no healthcare system, and working conditions are extremely nightmarish and involve the exploitation of children.

Diplomacy is an equally important aspect, but the interests of other countries must be taken into account. Everything that can be obtained by military means can also be achieved through negotiations. For example, you can only threaten to seize the territory. And this is also a rather complex process, because other countries are able to show interest in the region.

A feature of Victoria III was the updated graphics, and these are not empty words. It seems to the outside player that changes on the map in such games are weak. It does not improve the situation and the fact that a significant part of the time has to be spent in pause mode.

In Victoria III, the changes are visible to the naked eye. In the main mode, the world map is stylized as a paper one, but as the camera approaches, the environment becomes more detailed, and changes are constant. Construction is underway, settlements are turning into developed cities, roads are being laid. In addition, the negative impacts of industrialization on the environment are beginning to show.

Paradox Interective does not stop trying to make its strategies more accessible. The developers emphasize that Victoria III is based on a comprehensive economy simulator, but this should not lead players into a stupor. In this regard, comprehensive training is available from the start.

Will this approach help the company? The question is not easy, because their strategies can still lead to a stupor of unprepared players. Let’s say we are still more familiar with such games being played in turn-based mode. On the other hand, updated graphics make the product more attractive, visually showing changes on the map. And it can interest a new audience.

Victoria 3 strategy coming out October 25th on PC.

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