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PS Plus subscribers are declining – Sony attributes this to a decrease in interest in PS4 and hopes to recover

Today it became known that PS Plus subscribers have been declining for two consecutive quarters. Almost 2 million more people have unsubscribed from the service in the last three months, despite the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced new tariffs with additional benefits during this period.

Commenting on the situation at a meeting with analysts and investors, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki explained the negative dynamics by two factors.

  • The first the world has come out of the acute phase of the coronavirus pandemic and people have begun to play less, redistributing their financial expenses between different types of entertainment.
  • Second PlayStation 4 owners are losing interest in the old console faster than Sony expected. There is a steady outflow of the audience, and this audience cannot immediately switch to the PlayStation 5, since the problems with the availability of the new console have been persisting for two years.

Sony also noted that sales of third-party games this year were not as strong as expected, and that it had not done high-profile advertising campaigns for PS Plus in a long time and did not attract users with subscription discounts. is also a negative factor.

However, the company is confident that in the future it will be able to recover and increase the number of subscribers. This will be facilitated by the distribution of the PlayStation 5 and the release of new blockbusters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

“People are much more subscribers to PS Plus on PlayStation 5 than they are on PS4. In terms of the percentage of subscribers to the total audience, the PS5 is significantly ahead of the PS4.

We are working hard to get the PS5 shipped, catch up and keep the user engagement of the new console at a high level,” Totoki explained.

The CFO also pointed to the fact that with the introduction of the new pricing plans, PS Plus is already bringing in more money for Sony than before – even with unsubscribers. So, for the last quarter, revenue from the service grew by 10% – from 106 to 116 billion yen.

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