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Home » Rabbit, how deep is your hole? IMMORTALITY review from Her Story creator Sam Barlow

Rabbit, how deep is your hole? IMMORTALITY review from Her Story creator Sam Barlow

By immersing the player in an interactive movie format, Sam Barlow attempts to rebuild the FMV game genre by offering instead of choices at the end of a designated video segment, the possibility of immersing themselves in a wormhole of strange connections. And that sounds a lot more complicated than it actually sounds.

While watching the video on the timeline, you can pause the fragment at any time and follow the hyperlink linked to one or another scene object. For example, the heroine in the film about Ambrosio holds a knife in her hands. You pause the video, click on the knife, and you’re taken to another cut from the last movie, where knives are hanging on the wall. One more push and the camera pans to a cinematic kill scene or pops out of a piece where the actors drink champagne while discussing the script, and an ice pick rests on the edge of the table. And all without glues – the perfect amazing trip.

As you cling to objects, paintings on the walls, or kissing scenes, you discover more and more fragments of lost videos and learn the story of Marissa, her vicious relationships, unbridled sex, envy and love.

At some point, while running through open tapes and studied films, you will begin to feel a slight vibration on the controller. Twisting the film a little in these vibrating places, you can find its new layer associated with ghostly messages, strange scenes and frightening characters. This journey will open up new facets of history and connect the entire trilogy with a common meaning. Barlow claims to have been inspired by J. J. Ballard’s Atrocity Exhibition, but this experimental British classic will mean nothing to the domestic reader.

To bring the grand idea of ​​IMMORTALITY to life, Sam Barlow brought in a superb cast including Logan Marshall-Green (“Invitation”, “Prometheus”), Alexander Shipp (“X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Voice of the Streets”) and Kerry Byshe (“Stop and burn”, “Clinic”). But the young debutante shines brightest here Menon Gage as Marissa Marcel. Manon in this trilogy is multifaceted: seductive, sexy, depressing, dark and frighteningly dangerous. This young girl clearly has a bright future.

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