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Resident Evil father Shinji Mikami sets the stage for a new personal project – now under the wing of Microsoft

Game designer Shinji Mikami prepares the ground for the creation of his new project. The developer is inspired by the idea of ​​releasing another “personal” game, which will be produced by the studio Tango Gameworks. The industry veteran spoke about this as part of a conversation with the producer Capcom and former colleague Junom Takeuchi.

As Mikami explained, one of his main goals now is to create a suitable environment for the younger generation of developers in Tango Gameworks. The designer hopes to make his studio an attractive space for new professionals, as well as actively share his experience with them.

At the same time, Shinji Mikami is gearing up for production of a completely new game, which he intends to oversee as a full-fledged development manager.. The Evil Within 2 and Ghostwire: Tokyo he just produced.

“I also want to work on my game. Do another project. Now we are gradually preparing for this, and in order for us to succeed, I need to transfer a number of annoying work responsibilities to other people,” admits Shinji Mikami.

Recall that in 2020, Shinji Mikami is already spoke about the desire to return to the role of game director. In recent years, the developer has occupied producer roles, but he still has a desire to work on another project, which could be his “last personal endeavor.”

In a conversation with Jun Takeuchi, the creator of the Resident Evil series made it clear that his next game should be “personal“. Mikami mentioned the desire to maintain his authorship and creative freedom for several years in various interviews, noting that in the framework of almost his entire career, he somehow had to make various artistic compromises. Some of them were caused by working with already proven brands like Resident Evil, and another current market realities.

Now Mikami will try to create a game outside the conditions of strong corporate control.

Recall that the studio Tango Gameworks is part of the publishing house Bethesda Softworks, which is part of Microsoft Corporation. Accordingly, all decisions about future Shinji Mikami projects must be agreed and approved by the Xbox team..

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