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Review Neoline G-Tech X63. The best video recorder for a taxi

With the advent of such services as Yandex.Taxi and UBER, it made it possible to consider this area as the main area for work, and as a part-time job. But along with this, videos and news are increasingly appearing in which conflicts arise between the driver and passengers, the Neoline G-Tech X63 video recorder being studied today, in addition to circular shooting of what is happening on the road, also captures everything that happens in the car. Such a video recording will reliably insure against inappropriate behavior of the passenger and subsequent problems with administrative or criminal prosecution. In addition to taxis, interior shooting will be relevant in official vehicles, buses and trucks.


The kit includes an external camera with a connection cable, a power adapter, a windshield mount, cable holders, a set of fasteners, a user manual and a warranty card. Everything is collected in a box made of thick cardboard in a traditional design with detailed information on technical characteristics.

Neoline G-Tech X63 review


The main unit is made in a rectangular case made of black plastic. The appearance is concise, the build quality is high.

For installation on the windshield, a platform with a through power supply and a magnetic mount is used. Takes off and puts on quickly. At the same time, it is securely fixed during movement, does not rattle.

Two cables are connected to the case, one for power supply, the second from the external camera. All cables are here with a large margin in length, allowing you to hide under the skin, organizing hidden installation in cars with different body types.

The complete external camera is made in a plastic case. Of its features, we note the use of glass optics with a wide angle of 140 degrees and an aperture of F / 1.8. This should noticeably improve the quality of the recording and the detail from it. Separately, the manufacturer does not note the presence of protection against water and dirt, so it must be installed inside the cabin, for example, on the rear window.

An adjustable lens is directed to the front side of Neoline G-Tech X63. It also uses a group of glass lenses, a viewing angle of 140 degrees.

On the driver’s side is a color display with which you can control the image from three cameras in different combinations, switching between them using the buttons.

It is an IPS matrix with high precision. The image is well read at different angles and at different times of the day.

Next to it is a camera aimed at the interior of the car with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Four IR diodes are distributed along the edges of it, which automatically turn on at a low level of illumination.

The recorder records from all three cameras on a microSD memory card, including the possibility of installing drives with a capacity of 256 GB. The slot is located under a protective cap, eliminating the risk of accidental extraction.


The Neoline G-Tech X63 interface is fully Russified. The main screen is represented by a set of sections in the form of icons: video settings, formatting, audio recording, video codec, settings, playback and software version.

The shooting resolution and duration of cycles change. Turn on WDR, shock sensor. The exposure is changed manually.

Multiple video codec options.

Change recording stamp, time zone, auto power off and GPS.


Daytime shooting Neoline G-Tech X63

Neoline G-Tech X63 is equipped with a Novatek 96670 processor that supports shooting: from the main channel in Quad HD resolution (2560×1440 pixels) and Full HD from two additional ones.

Night recording Neoline G-Tech X63

We note the high detail and clarity of the videos being shot. License plates are well readable from a distance. The system supports WDR. Separately, we note the GPS module, which in this model is used to fix the route and speed.

Second camera Neoline G-Tech X63

We will give an example from a camera aimed at the car interior at night, you can see the work of IR illumination on it.

Cabin camera Neoline G-Tech X63


Gold.  Editor's Choice MegaObzorNeoline G-Tech X63 is a three-channel video recorder with high video detail. Quick-release magnetic mount, informative display, high-resolution shooting on all three channels, support for high-capacity memory cards, supercapacitor, detailed settings, GPS. There were no problems or failures during the tests.
Neoline G-Tech X63 receives the well-deserved award “Gold. Editor’s Choice”.

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