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Review of 1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK SP7. Gaming builds with RTX 3080

The case under study today is made in the Mid-Tower format with an interesting layout of the internal space. With overall compact dimensions, 1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK offers compatibility with video cards equipped with a massive radiator, 360-size cooling systems. Of the features, tempered glass walls and a backlit area on the front panel are noted.

The case is presented in several colors with an average cost of 7540 rubles.


Packed in a shipping carton box with general specifications in English.


Presented in black and white versions. Also on the official website there are images with a chassis painted in pink.

Its overall dimensions are 425*308*380 mm. The structure is assembled using 0.8 mm thick steel.

Two walls are made of transparent glass, opening a view on the system assembled inside it. They are removed entirely.

Along the perimeter of the glass there is a frame painted in the color of the case, it hides the main part of the case and improves the overall appearance.

On the front panel, full-height insert with multi-color backlight. It is presented in the form of a scale.

Top panel in steel. Most of its area is removable. On it is a ventilation grill for fans with a fine mesh.

The 1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK connector panel includes the current set of connectors, consisting of one USB-C (USB 3.2 gen.2) and two full-sized USB 3.0 gen.1, separate audio jacks, power and reset buttons.

The right wall also has a ventilation grill that occupies the main part of its area. Fastened with two knurled screws, removed by shifting to the side.

Rear panel with two-level placement. One part of it is occupied by a seat for a power supply located vertically, and the other contains a window for the I / O port panel on the motherboard.

Plugs for expansion boards are made according to the 7 + 3 scheme. Video cards can be oriented both horizontally and vertically.

Four plastic legs with rubber pads on the base. Along the entire length of the ventilation grille with mounting holes. An anti-dust filter is provided.


For ease of installation and access to all elements of the internal space, all walls of the 1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK SP7 are removed. It is divided into two chambers.

The main height corresponds to the parameters of the ATX motherboard. Along the edges of the area of ​​its installation are distributed holes for the supply of cables.

Part of a motherboard rack with a grill that supports a 240mm radiator or two 120mm fans.

Three more fans are placed on the bottom wall. One on the back and three on the top. Up to 9 120mm fans in total. Given the depth of the main chamber, tower coolers with a height of up to 185 mm are supported. Supports liquid cooling systems with a 360 mm radiator. The place for its installation is on the bottom and top wall.

Despite the compact dimensions, there is enough space inside to install a video card with a cooling system length of up to 400 mm. You can orient it horizontally or vertically.

In the inner chamber there is a place for installing an ATX power supply up to 200 mm long. Solutions with modular cable management fit into these limitations.

Here you can also pay attention to the vertically positioned element. It reinforces the frame and fixes the cables. It also has holes for two 3.5- or 2.5-inch drives.


We have assembled two cases of 1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK SP7. In white, this is a system with an Intel Core i5-12600K processor, a COLORFUL GeForce RTX 3080 LHR Advanced graphics card and a Jonsbo SHADOW 240 ARGB Ver 2.0 cooling system.

Second system with COLORFUL GeForce GeForce RTX 3080 iGame Vulcan OC 10G LHR-V and Core i5-12600K. A JONSBO SHADOW 360 ARGB fluid system was installed.


Gold.  Editor's Choice MegaObzor1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK SP7 invites you to build a gaming PC with a visual focus. With compact dimensions, it fits ATX boards, super towers up to 185 mm high, liquid systems with a 360 radiator, modular ATX power supplies and video cards up to 400 mm long, as well as nine 120 mm fans. High-speed ports on the front panel, illuminated zone, easy access to all parts of the inner chamber and the possibility of neat installation. The limited number of seats for SATA drives may not suit you.
1STPLAYER STEAM PUNK SP7 receives a well-deserved award “Gold. Editor’s Choice”.

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